Christmas is just around the corner, and at the Waterfront of West Clay we know that now is the time to start planning and preparing for your home’s Christmas decorations. Festive Christmas lights are popping up all around town, and the first big shopping day of the year, Black Friday, has just recently passed. If you’re looking for some new, fun, and unique tips for decorating your home this Christmas, look no further than this guide.

Your home’s Christmas decorations shouldn’t be a source of holiday stress, which is why the Waterfront of West Clay has compiled this list of six tips for decorating your home this Christmas. From Christmas lights to budget-friendly DIY projects, there is something here for any home.

Going Natural with Your Home’s Christmas Decor

One of our favorite ways to spruce up the home’s Christmas decor at the Waterfront of West Clay is with a little natural aesthetic. This Christmas, decorate your home with faux or real (depending on your individual preference) twigs, berries, and winter foliage. By placing greenery and more natural elements wherever possible in your home, you can bring an attractive winter element to your mantle, centerpieces, shelves, or kitchen countertops. If you would rather use real greenery for your home’s Christmas decorations, this can even be done for cheap!

If you decide to use a real Christmas tree as opposed to a fake one, you can take a few trimmings or stems from your tree and place them throughout your home. Not only will this bring a pop of winter greenery to your decorative efforts, it will also spread that wonderful Christmas tree smell throughout your home for the whole of the month! Another budget-friendly way to decorate your home with some holiday greenery is by gathering pinecones from right outside your home! These can be organized into a beautiful winter centerpiece for your kitchen table or coffee table.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Looking to bring a DIY touch to your home’s Christmas decorations this year? If you view the beautifully wrapped Christmas presents under your tree as a component of your home’s Christmas decor (and you should), DIY wrapping paper is a fun and budget-friendly way of decorating.

Wrapping Christmas presents with Kraft paper is one of the most popular DIY decorating methods used around the holiday season. Kraft wrapping paper can be dressed up with bows and ribbons, ornaments, and colorful pens. You can even get the kids involved in the process by letting them decorate the presents meant for other family members. While young kids may miss out on putting up Christmas lights on the exterior of your home, DIY wrapping paper is a great way to get them involved in the decorating process.

Deck the Halls (and Entryways)

When decorating your home for Christmas, it is important to place emphasis on decorating the areas of the home where your Christmas guests will first enter your home. For this reason, you should make an effort to put a decorative touch on your home’s halls and entryways, as these are high-traffic areas. Set a great first impression of your home’s Christmas decorations by festively decorating your home’s entryway with Christmas-themed items.

Affix Christmas cards from your friends and family to the inside of your front door or hang decorative stockings from the railing, if your entryway includes a staircase. The stairs in a hall or entryway are the perfect place to wrap evergreen garlands around railings and banisters to create a Christmas atmosphere that will impress your guests!

Getting Creative with Your Home’s Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the center of your home’s Christmas decoration efforts and is also the place where your family is likely to spend the most time gathered together this holiday season. For this reason, the Waterfront of West Clay recommends that you take the time to get creative with your home’s Christmas tree.

Whether your Christmas tree is large or small, there are a variety of ways you can personalize your tree. If you have a small tree, consider placing it on a table with a festive drapery in front of a living room window where it can be admired from the front lawn. If you’ll be decorating a larger Christmas tree, get the whole family together and put your DIY talents into creating personalized Christmas ornaments that you can treasure for years to come.

Making Your Home’s Fireplace Festive

If your home includes a fireplace, make sure you don’t neglect this area of the home when breaking out the Christmas decorations! The fireplace brings warmth to your home in more ways than one, and decorating your fireplace festively will bring out that warm Christmas joy for all to enjoy.

Take some of the aforementioned Christmas greenery and drape it over your mantle. You can also set up festive Christmas figurines on the mantle to create a focal point. Finally, consider getting the family together to create DIY stockings to hang in anticipation for Santa’s arrival. You can buy plain Christmas stockings from most craft stores and use felt or gel pens, stickers, and more to craft a personalized stocking for each member of the family.

Hang the Christmas Wreath

Going back to addressing high traffic areas of the home and entryways where your guests will first notice Christmas decorations, it is important not to neglect the front door. Hang a Christmas wreath on your front door to offer your friends and loved ones a warm Christmas greeting upon their arrival.

If you want to brighten things up a little, select a Christmas wreath large enough to string Christmas lights around. Many Christmas lights are battery powered now, which means they can be hung virtually anywhere without a need to extend to an outlet. This makes them perfect for dressing up your Christmas wreath this holiday season!