There are several pivotal factors that go into planning for your new home. More often than not, the location is right at the top. Your house can be an exact replica of your vision, but if it’s in an area you don’t love, you won’t be as happy. The location matters! Not just for the quality of life, but for affordability and value too.

At Waterfront of West Clay, we know that if you’re going to invest in building the home of your dreams, each aspect of it should be just right for you – and yes – that includes the location too. When choosing the site for your custom home, consider these 5 things (plus one if you have kids):

  1. Does the location meet your lifestyle needs?

Your home is a big part of your life, but it’s not the only part. There are a lot of other aspects that increase your quality of life such as hobbies, religious affiliations, how safe the area is, and the community you live in. If you choose to build your new home in an area that doesn’t match your needs, you won’t be as happy. Before choosing a lot for your custom home, make sure your lifestyle needs will be met by the area.

  1. How close is the location to “point B”?

Yes, it’s important to assess your commute to work. But don’t forget about driving to basic amenities as well! If you are a daily gym attendee, is there a gym nearby? Is the grocery store easily accessible? How long will it take to get your kids to school? If you want the option to walk places, can you?

Although these might seem like trivial factors now, when you’re having to drive 30+ minutes to get to the gym every day, you might have wished you picked to build your new home a bit closer to town.

Alternatively, you might wish you had built your house a little farther out of town if you’re too close to the hustle and bustle.

  1. What kind of lot is the best fit for you?

Your custom home builder will generally offer you one of three types of lots: developed, undeveloped and rural areas. With any options, you’ll want to hire a custom home builder to help walk you through the process.

Developed lots are ready to go when you are. Although these tend to be a bit more convenient, they usually come with restrictions on the design aspects of your custom home.

Undeveloped lots require a bit more preparation work like testing the soil and figuring out zoning regulations. If you choose this option, it is timelier, might be more costly, but has more flexibility.

Rural lot options are a great option for those looking for something a bit more private. When going this route, keep in mind the drive time to the town.

  1. Does the property itself check all of the boxes?

So, you’ve decided the location is a good fit but is the property? From the surface, the lot might look like everything you want. But as you dig down, you might find some red flags – literally. Geographical features, like steep slopes, can cost more to build on. You may also want to consider which way the lot faces, how easy it would be to install utilities, the condition of the soil, possible pollution of the area, and the legalities of building there.

  1. Are you able to afford the area?

Cost is just as important as the location. It doesn’t matter how much you love the area if you can’t afford to live there. For most buyers, building a custom home is a personal investment. Before putting money down, you’ll want to evaluate the market trends, property values, and cost of living in the area. Are you building in a growing area? Are new businesses developing in the area? Is anything coming up in the future that could change the value of the area?

Don’t forget to look at the future property value!

Although you want to make sure you can afford the area now, you want to think about the future of your investment as well. Will you be able to afford it in the years to come? Are you going to be able to make more back on the house than you put in when you choose to sell?

Fortunately, Indianapolis is a thriving area. Property values have gone up by 10.5% in the past couple of years and are projected to continue raising – making it a great place to build your house!

  1. If you have kids, what schools will they attend?

Whether you currently have kids or are planning to, you’ll want to look at the school district they’ll be a part of. Throughout their youth, your child will spend most of their days at school. You want to make sure the school district is one you’ll be proud to have to shape the minds of your kids.

Carmel, Indiana has been rated the best place to raise a family and has the best public schools in all of Indiana. If you’re looking for a great school district for your kids, your new home should be built in Carmel!

How Do I Choose the Location for My New Home?

When it comes to building a custom home, the location matters. To be sure you’re picking the right area to live, consider whether the lot location meets your lifestyle needs, is close to where you’ll be driving, in a good school district, is safe to build on, and is within your budget.

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